Magnum’s Photo of the week: Nikos Economopoulos

octubre 30, 2007

Eastern Anatolia. Town of Erzurum.

Nikos Economopoulos is a Magnum photographers who’s work I really, really dig. Frankly, I am under the impression that his work doesn’t get the attention it deserves by the photo community out there. Well, it’s a bit hard to find more information on Nikos Economopoulos and his work outside of the Magnum website. I found an interesting article by Frank Viviano called “The Balkan Tribe” in which he also talks about him. And I found out that Nikos has his own workshop series “On The Road” which I didn’t know about until recently.

So far I never had the chance to meet him but I truly hope that I’ll soon be able to have a little conversation with him for the Magnum Blog. Until then you should really look at his books “Economopoulos, Photographer” or “The Balkans“. This is exactly the kind of black and white photography that drew me into photography in the first place.

Martin Fuchs, Magnum Blog.

FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA. Gipsies . The posters on the wall concern the referendum for the independence of Macedonia. 1991. 

GREECE. Peloponnese region. Town of Kalamata. 1981.

GREECE. Macedonia. Turkey farm. 1988.

Nikos EconomopoulosAlbania, Tirana.

Nikos EconomopoulosGREECE. Thessaly. Shantytown of Lamia. Gypsies. 1994.


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